Most back and joint pain results from poor posture. We have developed a method that aims at the holistic restoration of posture and can thus remedy back and joint pain in the long term.

Our practice Postural Nat are located in Morro Jable in the south of Fuerteventura, in the Therapy Centre of the Hotel Sensimar Calypso. Here you can get the therapies as well as advice. For any information, we are at your disposal by email, phone or personally. So that you can reach us quickly and conveniently, the coordinates of the address are stored for Google Maps, as well as a small map here now.

We are happy to advise and treat you.

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Rapa Nui Surf Camp
After completing my rehab on the island, the doctors told me they were happy that I could walk again, this comminuted fracture had already been tricky; dancing, cycling and riding were now things of the past. Then I went to see Sönke, step by step I fought my way back to life thanks to his help, it was a long way, it was worth it!!! Thank you Sönke!
Corinne Lindek
I am always amazed at how quickly my complaints disappear with Sönke's therapy - after the doctors in Germany have spent months tinkering with me without success. The treatment here is worth every journey from Germany! Thank you
Uwe Ferdinand
On 15.02.24 I got very severe neck pain on Fuerteventura (Jandia). After searching the internet, I came across Sönke Schallmey and immediately made an appointment with a very nice lady for treatment on 16/02/24. After I had described my problem, Sönke took care of it and also treated an old complaint in my thoracic spine. I have to say that I hadn't been able to find anyone in Germany for the last 3 years who could relieve my pain. It was impossible for me to lie on my back for more than 5 minutes without getting pain. A few days have now passed, which is why I am only now writing this review and I am delighted to say that I really am pain-free. Many, many thanks SÖNKE.... Anyone who has pain problems here on Fuerteventura should seek treatment from this expert Sönke.
mara santori
I would recommend Sonke 100%. I had an issue with my neck for over a year. And went to 3 different places. I came here twice and the problem has been fixed. I am so grateful and I cannot thank him enough.
Annette Schreiber
Super foot reflexology massage