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A gentle treatment for ingrown nails

Over 3 million people in Spain suffer from ingrown nails. Not only external influences, such as improper shoes or artificial nails, can lead to ingrown toenails, but also inherited genetic predisposition.

In podiatry and foot care, the treatment of ingrown nails is an important part.


3a-Clip Treatment

The 3a-Clip treatment can provide effective and ongoing support for our patients with ingrown nails.

This procedure of nail correction is an alternative to surgery. It is a gradual regulation of nail changes. This treatment helps to give deformed nails a natural and healthy growth.

This procedure can avoid surgery and solve the problems quickly and painlessly. In a similar way to a corset, the 3a-clip regulates the natural growth of the nail.


Operations can be avoided

The 3a-Clip is individually fitted and can be used immediately without anaesthesia, resulting in noticeable relief for patients. The 3a-Clip fastening is hardly noticeable. Even if you use the 3a-Clip in everyday life, e.g. during sports or in the water, hardly any restrictions can be observed.

Treating ingrown nails with the 3a-Clip is not only much gentler than surgery, it also has a much higher success rate. Therefore, this method is a successful alternative to painful surgery.

The 3a-Clip treatment is an innovative method to correct all forms of ingrown toenails. This type of nail correction is suitable for almost everyone - including children, diabetics and people with nickel allergies.